Finding Belonging in a Small Group

Small Groups at Faith are spaces where people find belonging in the family of God. Belonging, at its core, is a sense of fitting in or feeling like you’re an important member of a group. Said another way, we hope when you walk through the doors of a small group you feel an instant sense of, “You’re in! Your presence matters and we want you as part of our group.”

Belonging is powerful. To be met in your unflattering moments with love and acceptance instead of judgment; to experience God’s presence in human form as you walk through the fire; to pop the bubbly and slice the cake with a group of people who are for you and want your best in Christ – that changes a person. 

There’s an incredible group of 100 leaders at Faith who help create these places of belonging – our Small Group Leaders. They do a better job than I ever will summing up what belonging looks like in their groups, so without further ado, here are some of their favorite parts of belonging in their groups last year, and I’ll let you in on a little secret: 90% of them are back this year, and we’re launching new groups to make room for you to belong, too.

Our small group is family, and even when things are tough or tricky, we love these folks! 

Growing together in the Word & sharing life

Our community and authenticity grew!

Connection and compassion with group members. Growth in individual members’ faith as we shared our hearts with love and humility. Zoom participation made it possible to connect with group members struggling with cancer. The loss of one of our group members to a tragic accident drew our hearts closer as a small group family.

Connecting with a new group of people and watching them step up and love and serve each other out of their own initiative 

Seeing people open up and be vulnerable, wanting to further their relationship with Christ, and seeing how Christ is working in their lives.

Making lifelong friends, sharing life together, caring for each others’ needs

If you’re attending Faith and you don’t have a place to belong yet, now’s the time to find your group. Small Group Sundays happen September 5 and 12, and you can search for a group online now. We hope you’ll accept the invitation to find your place to belong at Faith – it just might change your life.

Valerie Bouchard has been attending Faith since 2010 and came on staff in 2015 as the Communication and Connection Director. She is passionate about helping people love Jesus more in their everyday lives and especially loves serving alongside gifted leaders and creatives at Faith.

Outside of Faith, you’ll find her hiking with her golden retriever, Kai, coaching CrossFit classes or planning her next travel adventure.