Fall Ministry Fun at Faith

It’s hard to believe the Advent season is just around the corner, with our fall seeming to be perpetual this year. The autumn colors and glorious weather were such a wonderful gift to enjoy! Fall held a lot more than just leaf peeping this year, however; ministries at Faith have been having lots of fun too! From a college ministry retreat in the mountains to Faith Kids exploring the new playground, we have been in full swing this season! Here you’ll find an inside look at what some of our various ministries have been up to this fall!

College Ministry
•  In early October, the College at Faith crew had a blast at their fall retreat at Table in the Wilderness camp in Centennial, WY. Students enjoyed the rock-climbing wall, zipline, archery tag, time around the campfire, and a 5:00am adventure hike in an unexpected snowstorm!

•  On a beautiful late-October Friday evening, our college ministry hosted the second annual College Worship Night. The evening began with a tailgate party in the plaza, and then the worship team led us to Spirit-led, authentic worship through a mix of songs, student testimony videos and a message from our College Director.

•  CSU is abuzz about our weekly coffee outreach! CSU students are so thankful that Faith Church shows up on campus every Monday morning to bless them with a free cup of hot coffee, warm smiles and deep conversation. Our drink specialty is “The College Mocha” – half coffee, half hot chocolate and a pile of whipped cream! Some students confessed to rearranging their courses to be able to see us every Monday morning! 

GO Ministry
• This year, we focused on our new neighbors, connecting with people who have moved here to Fort Collins in the past year.

• 12 people from Faith trained and spent six weeks going out into the community in groups of two or three to share the gospel.

• We got to share the gospel using the Three Circles about 15 times.

• Three people chose to place their faith in Christ as their Savior!

•  A favorite story: One of the GO teams got mixed up on the address that was on their assignment sheet and went to the wrong apartment complex without realizing it. While they were there, they knocked on Gigi’s door. Despite being very busy, Gigi was kind and open and invited the team in. They shared the gospel with her while she was cooking dinner and had kids in the bathtub, and she chose to accept Jesus as her Savior! Talk about the Holy Spirit’s leading!

Hope for Every Generation Event
•  Hope for Every Generation was an amazing opportunity for older adults at Faith to come together for an evening of celebration and inspiration.

•  In a beautiful evening of dessert, stories and testimonies, 125 people from Faith shared fellowship, tears and laughter as they recognized what God has done in their lives and responded to the call of leaving a legacy of grace and hope to the next generations.

•  With that call in mind, we spent time praying for the next generation, that the hope of the gospel would go forth for years to come.

Faith Kids
•  Midweek is back up and running for the first time since COVID started! We have an average of 25 3rd – 5th graders who attend!

•  Sunday school is thriving and feeling back to normal after many ups and downs related to logistical changes with COVID. The goal is that the kids in Sunday school would be able to come and learn about Jesus and have fun!

•  The new playground has been a HUGE hit!  Everyone loves it!

•  Next big thing for Faith Kids is …. meeting with an interior designer to update the Faith Kids check-in areas, the hallway and the Big House! This will be a great facelift for an area that sees so much traffic!

Becky is a therapist and spiritual director. She has been a member of Faith for five years. She also serves with Faith’s Photography Team and Writing Team. Becky enjoys writing about soul care and cultivating a deeper life with God.

Becky was born and raised in Colorado and enjoys spending time with her husband, gardening and exploring God’s creation.