Nursery and Toddlers

Nursery and Toddlers

3 months to 3 Years

We love babies and toddlers!

Our top priority for our babies and toddlers is to provide a loving, safe, and fun environment for these littlest ones to have their first church experiences.

Our Classrooms

We maintain a high teacher-to-student ratio in our rooms, and all volunteers are screened. We use a paging system that provides us a way to reach a parent if needed. All toys are thoroughly cleaned each time they are used.

The Toddler Class includes a Bible lesson, which introduces children to the Bible through short stories, songs, and coloring pages.
Our Facilities

In order to be as welcoming as possible to the children and their parents, we offer a Nursing Room, a Cry Room, and a Quiet Room for napping. Our Nursery and Toddler classrooms are also equipped with changing stations and child-friendly bathrooms.

Our Security

We use a computerized check-in system, rosters, and pagers to provide layers of security, so that parents can go to service confident that their child is in good hands. Using our video monitors located in the check-in areas of the Nursery and Toddler rooms, parents can also check on their children as they are getting settled without disturbing them.

Choose the right classroom for your child:

Nursery (3 months to 18 months)
Toddler (18 months to 3 years)



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