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Days of Darkness
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Pastor Steve Baumgaertner
Some people think that if you're following God, life should be easy. but Scripture and experience say otherwise. Followers of Jesus encounter days of darkness just like everybody else - sometimes more than everybody else! But this does not mean that God is uninvolved. This morning we learn that we can trust God even in our darkest days.
Exodus - Rescued For Glory

For Christians today, the story of Exodus defines us. We too have been rescued by blood. We too have been given promises and instructions for how to live in light of our freedom in Jesus. And perhaps most breathtaking of all, we are the new tabernacle and God the Holy Spirit has descended on us so that God now dwells in and among us. And so the story of Exodus is a story we share, because we too are the people of God. In the coming months, we are going to walk through the entire book of Exodus together. Our hope is that this journey helps you find your unique place in God’s great story of rescue, because even today God is at work drawing us out of our slavery to sin and drawing us into his presence by the power of the Holy Spirit. And so we pray that reflecting on God’s great act of redemption in Exodus will help you experience a great act of redemption in your life.


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