Small Groups

What is a small group?

Small groups at Faith are small gatherings of people from Faith that meet regularly for friendship, Bible study and prayer.  In a small group you will find a safe place to ask questions and to grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Each small group is unique because it is shaped by the people who attend.  However, you can expect a weekly gathering that involves conversation around the passage from the previous Sunday's sermon, participatory prayer, and time to connect relationally to the other people in your small group.  At the heart of each small group is a desire to see an authentic, and tight knit community form that is marked by a growing love for Jesus and for the other small group members.

Why should I join a small group?

We are made for community and friendship with God and others. God himself exists eternally in community with himself, and he designed us to reflect that part of his nature. When we are not living in community, we are not all that we were made to be.  Additionally, life in a sinful world is too complex and tempting to journey alone. Small groups are a place where we can connect in friendship with other people at Faith through the ups and downs of life. 

How do I get connected to a small group?

Fill out the form and we'll get back to you soon! You can also contact our Connection Director, Valerie Bouchard, at 970-226-2095 or




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