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Our goal for Faith's classes, seminars, and workshops is to provide biblically–based and thought–provoking classes that enable the believer to think and be more like Christ.

Joshua - God's Man for His Time.  (This study is based in the Books of Joshua and Exodus)

Joshua was an ordinary man who trusted God, and who subsequently led Israel into the Promised Land.  He was an ordinary man made strong by God, at just the right time in history, to carry out God's purpose for the Jewish nation.

Each of us is "an ordinary person" that God can use for His purposes if we trust Him like Joshua in his day.  Please join us in studying Joshua, and to do self-examination as we view Joshua's and the Israeli nation's response to daily circumstances.

The classes are led by Gary Peterson and will begin on Sunday, September 9, 2018, Early Bird at 7:45 AM and Adult Bible Class at 10:30 AM. 


September 16 - Olson Lecture Series


Dr. Jim Olson, former senior pastor at Faith, will present his next lecture, "How God Makes Heaven Home"  and is based on Revelation 21-22:5.  Register at the info center on or below.  Childcare is provided with advance registration.

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