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The purpose of missions at Faith Church is to fulfill our church's missions beyond Faith's local sphere of influence.

We accomplish this purpose through the support of long-term missionaries and the development of an awareness of God's global kingdom.

Developing a Missional Mindset

Missions at Faith strives to develop a missional mindset by instilling an awareness of God's global kingdom.   Developing this mindset can come in many forms, from going on short-term trips to taking classes and seminars.

Supporting Long-Term Missionaries

At Faith, we have chosen not to focus on any one people group, culture, or part of the world. Instead, we look to support missionaries all over the world, doing a variety of ministries with all types of peoples. We strive to support our missionaries with prayer, finances, as well as care for them in special ways while they are home. We have five priorities in determining who we support:

  • They have a connection with Faith Church.
  • Their ministry has a local church emphasis.
  • Their ministry is focused on reaching the unreached with the gospel of Christ.
  • They can provide short-term (trips/internship) opportunities for us.
  • They are proven to be effective in ministry.





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