Elementary (Grades 1 - 5)


Elementary (Grades 1 through 5)  

In the Elementary Faith Kids, we love to see kids learn more about the Bible and grow closer to Jesus. We start the morning in grade level classrooms to connect with each other. All the elementary grades then join together to worship and participate in the main part of the Bible lesson. Afterward, kids return to their classrooms for follow up activities. We end the morning in prayer.

Our curriculum is The Gospel Project. We love this curriculum because of its Christ-centeredness, depth and scope. The Gospel Project will take us through the entire Bible—from Genesis to Revelation—over 3 years, highlighting each week how every story points to the saving work of Jesus Christ.





The Gospel Project Details:
            • Chronological study plan - Genesis through Revelation
            • Christ-centered study - All scripture gives testimony to Jesus
            • Missional focus to respond to God
            • 99 Essential doctrines of Christian faith identified
            • 3 year study plan
            • 18 months in Old Testament
            • 18 months in New Testament







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